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  • Expert Talk: The Importance of Food Safety Culture for Food Audits

    Expert Talk
    Consumers are looking into the food products they purchase with an increasingly critical eye. High expectations surround not only food safety but also sustainability and traceability. That means the requirement to implement an effective food safety culture for manufacturers and processors is crucial. In the latest of a series of Experts Talks from the Food Safety Exchange, Chryssa Dimitriadis, Head of Food Standards at IFS talks to Björn Matz ab...
  • How Can I Make My Food Safety Training More Effective

    COVID 19 Pandemic – the perfect time to review your food safety training programme You should “never waste a good crisis” according to Winston Churchill and I agree. On the off chance that you have ...
  • Food Safety in Your Refrigerator

    Food safety is everyone’s responsibility – that responsibility stretches from the farmer to the producers and manufacturer, to the retailers and restaurants, all the way through to the consumer. That...
  • Managing Foreign Body Contamination in Certification Audits

    Expert Talk
    Foreign bodies in food not only pose a health risk to consumers, but can also have far reaching consequences for food producers and can permanently damage a brand. One way to detect any weak points i...


  • Dynamic Precision Weighing: Challenges and Innovations

    White Paper
    The ability to weigh products as they travel on a production line and deliver a consistently accurate result is a crucial part of the quality control process. With regulations mandating weights and measures in the industry, accuracy is a must. This white paper goes into the way dynamic weighing works, and the technology involved. When evaluating a dynamic weighing solution, it is useful to have an understanding of not just the technology involve...
  • Maintaining Compliance Standards with X-ray Inspection

    Case Study
    Ensuring product safety and brand protection is critical for food manufacturers. It is important to maintain quality standards, especially when a company expands or wants to reach international marke...
  • Minimizing False Rejects Caused by Product Effect

    In the food industry, many of the products being inspected for metal contamination exhibit a phenomenon known as 'product effect'. This is where the product's own characteristics produce a signal sim...
  • UV/Vis Applications for Beer Quality Control

    Color Testing with UV/Vis Spectrophotometers Ensures Standard Production Quality Brewing companies around the world commonly use color testing to ensure consistent quality between different batches. ...


  • On-Demand Webinar: Sensor Handling and Maintenance

    Struggling with pH Measurements? Benefit from the experience of the subject experts and easily overcome the measurement challenges faced during your pH analysis. Learn the right set of skills along with some good measuring practices while performing the pH measurements. Understand the importance of using a specialized sensor as per your sample needs. The accuracy of a pH measurement relies mainly on sensor handling and sensor maintenance. For a...
  • Why Code Checks Are Important

    Have you ever had to wait longer than usual in a supermarket line because a barcode couldn't be scanned at the checkout? This has probably happened to each of us at some point and is not only annoyin...
  • On Demand Webinar: Metal Detection, X-ray Inspection or Both?

    This webinar discusses the basic principles, pros, and cons of both technologies, and guides you through making the right choice of installing a metal detection system, x-ray inspection system or bot...
  • On Demand Webinar: Overcoming Product Effect in Metal Detection

    This free on demand webinar explains how to overcome product effect to detect more metal in challenging applications. Overcoming product effect can be a challenge when inspecting wet/conductive produ...


  • On-demand webinar: how to automate metal detector testing

    On-demand Webinar: How to Automate Metal Detector Testing

    Compliance Assurance for Throat and Gravity Fall Metal Detectors This on-demand webinar - How to Automate Metal Detector Testing - is designed to help food manufacturers to better understand how to optimize the performance of their product inspection equipment. A key focus is the use of throat (ZMFZ) metal detectors in Vertical Form, Fill and Seal (VFFS) applications, or gravity fall metal detection systems and the challenges that testing their...
  • On demand webinar: How to select the correct metal detection system

    How to Select the Correct Metal Detection System

    Exploring Benefits for Brand Protection, OEE, Compliance and Lowering Total Cost of Ownership This on-demand webinar explores how to choose the right metal detection system to invest in and why it is...
  • webinar - How to Improve Detection of Real World Metal Contaminants

    Live Webinar: How to Improve Detection of Real World Metal Contaminants

    Why Sensitivity is Critical for Detecting Wires, Swarf and Other Thin Slithers of Metal This live webinar - How to Improve Detection of Real World Metal Contaminants - is designed to help food manufa...
  • Tradeshow SQF Unites 2021

    Tradeshow: SQF Unites 2021

    The Safe Quality Food Conference will be gathering the food safety community together for the annual SQF event (newly named SQF Unites), to come together for all things food safety. This 3 day confer...