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    Lowering the Coronavirus Risk in Production Facilities

    Due to the worldwide COVID-19 coronavirus situation, employers are looking for ways to protect their employees from the infection. In some companies it is possible that employees work from home to protect themselves and others. However, for workers in manufacturing plants this is often not possible. Therefore, precautions must be taken to protect them at their workplace and to ensure that production and quality inspection continues. This is espe...
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    COVID-19: Is the Food I Consume Still Safe?

    The COVID-19 coronavirus was initially a critical problem limited to a few countries. But in the last weeks, it has developed into a global challenge. Since the virus is novel, it is not yet clear wh...
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    Do Built-In Test Weights Make Calibration a Thing of the Past? No - and Here’s Why

    Newer balances and scale often include internal test weights that can help reduce time spent on periodic testing with external weights. However, especially in regulated industries, internal weights a...
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    How Food Trends Challenge Manufacturers

    Plant based food, healthy hedonism or snackification are just some of the food trends that are currently influencing the way we eat and what ends up on our dinner tables. Often, these trends spread q...


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    Improve Product Inspection Management

    Improving Efficiency, Productivity and Control Having an effective quality and data management solution allows manufacturers to have greater visibility and control of their production line.
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    Avoid Product Recalls by Timely Adoption of Technology

    Product recalls can be devastating to a brands reputation, particularly for food processors. Luckily, there are steps that can be taken at an early stage in the production and planning process to hel...
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    Taking Food Safety to the Next Level Thanks to X-Ray Technology

    An incredible increase in production over the last years has definitely made an impact at Fiasco Gelato, which started as a small scoop shop based in Calgary. Today, the gelato company makes handcraf...
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    Application Note: Determining the Moisture Content in Sugar

    Monitoring the moisture content of sugar and its co-products is crucial for optimal control of production plants. For factories processing sugar beet and sugar cane, rapid, precise analysis of end pr...


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    The History of Plastic

    It is hard to imagine our everyday life without plastic. Due to its versatility, plastic is used almost everywhere. And that's exactly the problem, we produce far more plastic than we recycle. Through this behaviour we not only harm the environment, but also our health. A rethink is urgently needed. The Plastic Atlas 2019 presents the history of plastic consumption, reveals where the problems lie today and how these challenges can be overcome. B...
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    Preventive Controls to Ensure Food Safety

    Working in a food manufacturing company can be a challenge when it comes to meeting requirements and achieving compliance. Preventive controls help to ensure food safety during the production. We hav...
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    Paper or Plastic Bag?

    It is well known that more plastic is produced than can be properly disposed of leading to extensive environmental problems. But that's not all: Microplastics have already found their way into our fo...
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    Why Is The Food Industry Regulated?

    The food industry is regulated through a multitude of standards and legislation. Recent food safety incidents show the importance of these regulations. In our video, we have summarized the reasons wh...


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    International Powder & Bulk Solids Conference and Exhibition 2020

    Powder & Bulk Solids is North America's largest bulk processing event bringing the processing community together since 1976. The event which is commonly known as the Powder Show takes place from 6th – 8th October 2020 in Rosemont, Illinois. This year, the Powder Show welcomes more than 3,000 industry professionals and 400 suppliers from more than 30 countries. The event offers networking opportunities, the presentation of cutting-edge techno...