Application Note: Determining the Moisture Content in Sugar

Monitoring the moisture content of sugar and its co-products is crucial for optimal control of production plants. For factories processing sugar beet and sugar cane, rapid, precise analysis of end products is essential to ensure accurate process control and compliance with stringent legislative and quality requirements.

Production plants must comply with the maximum permitted moisture content of sugars and sugar co-products – pellets, bagasse and pulp – specified in national and international guidelines. Meeting these specifications is key to operational excellence, and requires rapid delivery of precise analytical data to guarantee that the end products are compliant. Monitoring and adjusting the moisture content to optimal levels during the drying process allows refineries and sugar processing companies to maintain tight tolerances and optimize production enhancing operational efficiency.

This application note describes how rapid moisture analysis can be performed in the laboratory, generating accurate and precise data comparable to the reference method in minutes, rather than hours. It covers:

  •  Moisture analysis in sugar factories
  • Quality and legal requirements
  •  Fast, accurate moisture analysis in the laboratory
  • Comparison of rapid analysis with reference method