Hornby Organic Keeps It Simple and Safe

Hornby Organic is one of the first companies in Canada to produce a certified organic energy bar made with gluten-free oats. As a former small family business they continue to grow constantly. To improve their production processes Hornby Organic installed a fully automatic flow-wrapping machine and an inline product inspection solution.

Irah Vet, owner of Hornby Organic, spent years to produce the perfect, organic energy bar. Now Hornby Organic  produces seven different varieties of bars on one production line. Because Hornby Organic want the best and safest products for their customers, they rely on product inspection equipment from one single supplier.

With no prior experience of product inspection technologies, Vet took advantage to visit a travelling road-show demonstrating latest product inspection solutions including metal detectors, checkweighers and x-ray inspection systems. After learning about the functionality of the equipment and speaking to experts, the company decided to install an inline checkweigher and x-ray system.
"The checkweigher has allowed us to fine-tune our filling size, which has provided a noticeable increase in batch yields," Vet reports, "as we can now review the weights and production data in real-time and we can make adjustments as needed, while controlling 100 percent of the process with full confidence".

Vet also highlights the reason why Hornby Organic installed an x-ray system :"We choose x-ray inspection because we wanted something at the end of the line before it goes into the customer packaging to ensure that our products are safe. Additionally we wanted to detect various types of tiny contaminant particles such as metal, glass, calcified bone, mineral stone, and high-density rubber, among others!"

Download the full case study to learn more about Hornby Organic's safe energy bars.