How to Develop a Drying Method for Moisture Analyzers

Many industry standards describe thermogravimetric moisture determination using the drying oven procedure. Halogen moisture analyzers offer a convenient and compliant alternative to the drying oven method that delivers comparable results in less time and in an easier manner.

Moisture is an important quality and processing parameter in many industries. Halogen moisture analyzers offer a convenient alternative to the commonly used drying oven procedure when fast measurement times or ease of use is critical, if a suitable method is used. Every moisture analyzer method specifies the drying temperature, sample weight and drying program. Choosing the right method is crucial to achieve repeatable results that are comparable to the reference procedure – typically the drying oven.

This guide describes a simple three-step process to help laboratories quickly develop robust moisture methods for their specific sample types – including correct sample preparation and application – that deliver comparable results to the drying oven but in far less time. It also includes a selection of ready-to-use methods, as well as helpful links to supporting literature. By following this guidance, laboratories will be able to save valuable time while ensuring reliable moisture results and regulatory compliance.