Improving the Safety of Pumped Food Products

Discover How Food X-ray Inspection Can Enhance the Quality Control of Pumped Products

Food manufacturers are under increasing consumer and legislative pressure to provide safe food. One of the tools that helps to maintain food safety is x-ray inspection.

This white paper looks at the use of x-ray inspection systems to eliminate physical contaminants on pumped food lines. It begins with a short introduction to x-ray inspection and why it’s used in the food processing industry. It goes on to consider the factors that affect the sensitivity of x-ray inspection, the effectiveness of x-ray inspection at different points on the production line, and the ease with which the technology can be applied to production lines based on pumped product.

After reviewing the factors that production-line managers should take into account when considering installing an x-ray inspection system, the white paper suggests typical applications, and then looks at points to consider when using x-ray inspection for processed meat and poultry lines and for lines involving slurries, semi-solids, and fluids.