Kuchenmeister Relies on a Single Supplier for Quality Control

A lengthy partnership with a single product inspection equipment supplier has allowed Kuchenmeister GmbH to produce high quality baked goods and confections for over 20 years. A single-source strategy means Kuchenmeister can quickly and easily add, upgrade and service product inspection systems on their production line – all through the same single point of contact.

Kuchenmeister has been producing baked goods and confectionaries for over 130 years, and is the market leader for ready-to-serve cakes in Germany. They produce over 90,000 tons of cakes in a year. This enormous quantity of cake is distributed along with the assurance that it meets the high standards of quality for which Kuchenmeister is known. For more than 20 years, they have partnered with a single product inspection equipment supplier to make this happen.

A single source strategy is part of Kuchenmeister's core philosophy: "We have one contact person for our product inspection technology and can coordinate everything, be it service and maintenance appointments, or modernization measures via that one contact person" explains Thomas Engel, Head of Quality Management at Kuchenmeister. Having a close partnership has also allowed Kuchemeister to stay at the forefront of product inspection technology.

Most recently they installed a combination checkweigher and metal detector on one of their production lines as a space-saving solution. For more information on the benefits of Kuchenmeister's approach to quality control, you can download the full case study.