Maintaining Compliance Standards with X-ray Inspection

Ensuring product safety and brand protection is critical for food manufacturers. It is important to maintain quality standards, especially when a company expands or wants to reach international markets. Learn in our new case study how an international ice cream manufacturer based in Greece relies on X-ray inspection equipment to be compliant with several retailer codes of practice.

The Greek ice cream manufacturer installed three different X-ray inspection systems to inspect a range of ice cream and yogurt products. The systems were selected to inspect the final sealed packages at the end of the line and to detect various physical contaminants of different sizes. The primary motivation for the manufacturer's purchase was to be in compliance with retailer codes of practice such as those from Tesco, giving them additional confidence in their operation when they export to the UK and other countries. 

Download the full case study to find out how the ice cream manufacturer provides high quality end products with fully automated production processes that maximize productivity, minimize human error and ensure a hygienic production environment.