Measuring Moisture in Food

Optimal moisture content is vital to ensure the best possible taste, texture, appearance and shelf life of prepared foodstuffs and ingredients. Moisture analysis is therefore a crucial activity across all areas of the food industry, from the analysis of raw materials and the development of new products to quality control testing during production and storage.

Traditional moisture analysis is laborious and time-consuming – relying on ‘loss on drying’ approaches with a drying oven – making it impractical in a busy food production environment. Halogen moisture analyzers offer fast, precise and reliable results, but it is essential that workflows are carefully designed to ensure comparable results to the official drying oven method.

This helpful guide provides over 20 tried and tested methods for halogen moisture analysis of a variety of foodstuffs. From biscuits, pasta and baking powder to butter, yoghurt and juices, this collection provides details on how to achieve consistent and reliable measurements.