Minimizing False Rejects Caused by Product Effect

In the food industry, many of the products being inspected for metal contamination exhibit a phenomenon known as 'product effect'. This is where the product's own characteristics produce a signal similar to that of a metal contaminant potentially resulting in high false reject rates and unnecessary product waste.

Product effect is a challenge when inspecting wet and/or conductive products such as cheese or fresh meat. It can also be a problem in applications where there is variation in temperature – such as when the product is chilled, cooling or thawing; or when products are packaged in metallized film.

Innovative metal detection systems using a combination of multi-simultaneous frequency and product signal suppression technology have been designed to overcome these challenges and virtually eliminate false rejects. Download our - infographic on 'Minimizing False Rejects Caused by Product Effect' to learn more about the phenomenon of product effect, how it can be overcome, and the benefits of choosing the right metal detection technology for challenging applications.