Moisture Content in Meat Alternatives

Nowadays more and more consumers expect a meat-like experience when eating plant-based meat analogues. A crucial factor in mimicking conventional meat is similar structure. The texture, juiciness and shelf life of plant-based alternative strongly depend on the moisture content of the product. Therefore, it is an important quality parameter. 

The application note describes how halogen moisture analyzer can be used to test plant-based products to provide fast and accurate moisture content measurements that correspond fully to the drying oven method.

In the application note, you will learn:

  • Why moisture content is important for meat analogues
  • Why moisture content (%MC) is important in the production of plant based meat substitutes
  • How to use the halogen moisture analyzer for fast and easy moisture content determination
  • A tried and tested moisture analyzer method for measuring moisture content in plant-based chicken and burger meat alternatives

Download the free application note to see how you can improve efficiency and productivity using a halogen moisture analyzer to measure moisture content in meat alternatives.