The Ultimate Fats and Oils Guide

Fats and Oils Guide reviews the measurement of the most important parameters, be it for fat and oil characterization, or the close monitoring of important quality parameters. Dropping point, melting range and titration of fatty acids are reviewed in detail and tips and tricks for more accurate measurements are provided. It also covers UV\VIS and differential scanning calorimetry.

Edible fats and oils are among the most important ingredients in many processed food items. Their quality and attributes make or break the quality of the products that you produce. Whether chocolate melts already in your hands, or in your mouth, is a matter of accurate characterization and selection of raw materials.

To assist those working with edible fats and oils, this guide will give you a 360 degree overview and in-depth description of:

  • Methods for quality control: dropping point, water content, moisture determination, differential scanning calorimetry and titration
  • UV/VIS Spectroscopy
  • Application samples and results
  • Tips & Tricks to simplify measurements