UV/Vis Applications for Beer Quality Control

Color Testing with UV/Vis Spectrophotometers Ensures Standard Production Quality

Brewing companies around the world commonly use color testing to ensure consistent quality between different batches. This important quality control step is frequently performed using UV/Vis spectrophotometry, which is the quickest and most efficient way to achieve reliable results.

The brewing process and the various ingredients used in production all contribute to a beer’s characteristics, and any changes can influence its taste. To ensure high quality and consistency between batches, the raw materials and final products need to undergo a range of tests for the analysis of specific parameters. These analyses are vital in beer production, quality control and final inspection, allowing brewers to compare the product to quantitative standards and make any necessary adjustments. 

UV/Vis spectrometry, including color measurements, is used by leading brewing companies worldwide to maintain product quality and as a tool for new product development, allowing quick and precise measurements to evaluate a range of parameters, including:

• Color

• Taste

• Bitterness

• Total carbohydrates

This application guide describes the different types of beer analyses that can be performed with a UV/Vis spectrophotometer, and includes a beer production application visual for a fully automated multi-instrument system that analyzes wort, alcohol content, pH and color. Methods for measuring individual beer parameters are also available.