X-ray Inspection of Food: Is it safe?

Radiation is a part of our everyday life. However, when it comes to the x-ray inspection of food, many consumers are concerned about the possible harmful effects of x-rays on food safety and quality. The following white paper provides clear reassurance that the x-ray inspection of food is safe for both consumers and factory operators.

Many food manufacturers already use x-ray inspection technology to provide product safety and quality. However, some manufacturers still have reservations about adopting x-ray technology as a method of product inspection. - It is now time to dispel all the myths.

This white paper will help you to understand radiation levels by comparing dose rates from some natural and artificial sources of radiation that we are exposed to in everyday life. Additionally, you will learn how modern x-ray systems are designed to protect users from the effects of radiation.

The white paper covers topics such as:

·       Why Use X-rays to Inspect Food?

·       What is Radiation?

·       X-ray Inspection vs. Food Irradiation

·       Working with X-ray Inspection Systems