Live Webinar: Weight Estimated Symbol - Everything You Want to Know

Minimal resource consumption, Maximum profitability, Regulatory compliance 

A live webinar event explaining the weight estimated symbol. In this webinar we discuss several topics related to the weight estimated symbol, refreshing your memory about its functions and rules. 

A simple refresher of the rules of the weight estimated symbol and how they function in practice:

  • What was that symbol again?
  • Why was the weight estimated symbol developed?
  • What is the weight estimated symbol regulation and why can we use it?
  • We provide several examples explaining the weight estimated symbol regulations and show how the calculations are made.

For example: what are the T1-&T2 tolerance limits with a product of 200 grams and how do you use hourly average and emission percentage? Can you set up your filling process to comply with regulations and minimize product give-away?

This webinar covers questions that may have already occurred to you, and those which you may not have thought of yet. Register now for the webinar!