BRCGS Releases Guidance Document for Packaging Industry

In the past months, the Coronavirus pandemic posed challenges and risks to a variety of supply chains and had a major impact on the entire food industry. Panic buying at the beginning of the crisis and increased online purchases throughout the pandemic have tested the ability of some supply chains to respond. The significant shift to online purchases resulted in brands beginning to review traditional forms of on-shelf packaging and labelling. The BRCGS recently published a guidance document primarily designed to complement the BRCGS Packaging Materials Standard for food contact and non-food contact packaging to help restart operations following the disruption of Covid-19.

During the last 5 months, packaging sites have been able to apply for a 6-month extension of their certification according to issue 5 of the Standard. As audits begin after issue 6, this new 12 point plan released by the BRCGS serves as a reminder of some of the key changes in issue 6, and practices sites are encouraged to implement when reopening and resuming operations. The guidance document is intended to help site managers fine-tune their product safety management systems to cope with the new position the industry now faces moving forwards as restrictions are lifted around the world.

The guidance document consists of three parts:


-        Senior management

-        Staff and temporary workers

-        Communications

-        Training


-        Security

-        Building

-        Cleaning

-        Equipment and vehicles

-        Waste management


-        Raw material suppliers

-        Finished packaging

-        Traded products

Visit the BRCGS website to learn more details about the 12 point plan.