Choosing the Right Metal Detection System

When used as part of a company-wide approach to food product safety, a metal detection system is an essential piece of equipment to protect consumers and the brand reputation of manufacturers. But with so many choices available from a wide range of suppliers, selecting the right solution for food manufacturers and processors can be a minefield.

Simply installing a metal detection system alone will not necessarily provide adequate levels of protection against metal contamination.  The right system has the power to make a positive impact on your productivity, product quality and the bottom line. It is important to have the right information at your fingertips to help you understand how to compare different solutions and make the right choice for your application and business needs.


Not all industrial food metal detectors are the same

Achieving metal-free products depends as much on the effectiveness of the detection technology as on the selection of the best Critical Control Point (CCP).

The development of metal detection technology continues to improve detection capabilities and accuracy. You should consider how the technology works, and the capabilities different solutions have, to support your wider productivity and compliance needs. This can help make you make an informed decision that maximizes your return on investment.

In some cases, an entry-level solution that offers a high level of detection sensitivity performance may be exactly what is needed to need to meet your compliance obligations. In other cases, reducing product waste to an absolute minimum by virtually eliminating false rejects may be a key driver for your business. If so, you may need to invest in a more advanced solution that delivers maximum detection sensitivity and enhanced productivity.


Compliance considerations

Where sensitivity performance and productivity are significant drivers, investing in an advanced solution can support you in delivering the highest level of brand protection and can make it easier to meet strict compliance obligations. The key is understanding the specific characteristics of the product being inspected, and choosing a fit-for-purpose solution. Only then can detection sensitivity be dramatically increased.

Does the solution meet the required sensitivity performance standard, so you can achieve your compliance obligations?  Choosing the right metal detection system depends partly on selecting the best frequency technology for the application to consistently achieve the required sensitivity performance without a high volume of false rejects.


How to support productivity and operational equipment efficiency

Food manufacturers require a metal detection system that continuously delivers a stable and reliable performance for maximum uptime and minimal product waste. When comparing possible solutions, it's important to ask about features that deliver long-term reliability such as:

·           Balance stability and control

·           Environmental noise immunity

·           Environmental vibration immunity

Without these, high performance over time will not be achieved. Investing in cheaper solutions may turn out to be a false economy. However, just having a metal detection system in place is not enough. It must also be correctly installed, operated and properly maintained for optimal performance.


Reduce downtime

Maintenance should be carried out by the original manufacturer or through in-house engineers trained by the manufacturer. Partnering with a company who has a global service team that can deliver local support is a great way to maximize return on investment so your metal detection system continues to operate reliably and accurately.


Future-proof flexibility

If digitalization and future-proofing your production line are important to you, then ease of factory system integration and automating data recording and storage needs to be considered. Does the metal detection system allow backwards and forwards compatibility so you can upgrade your metal detector or conveyor without needing to replace the entire system?

It is important to choose the right solution for your application that is aligned with your performance and budget needs. A metal detection system supplier should offer a wide range of options tailored to help you meet your objectives.

More information on selecting the right metal detection system can be found in this on-demand webinar.