How Contract Packers Ensure Food Safety Standards

Many brand owners in the food industry rely on co-packing or co-manufacturing partners to outsource essential business functions such as production, packaging or labelling. Co-packers specialize in juggling different brands, products and formats. This means brand owners do not need to invest in their own industrial setting and can rely on the expertise and services provided by co-packers instead. But how does a co-packer actually manage to ensure food safety when producing different brands on one production line with many changeovers per day?

In our very first Food Safety Exchange Expert Talk, Ton Knipscheer, Board Member of the European Co-Packers Association (ECPA), talks to Jenny Eagle, freelance journalist, about how contract packers ensure compliance with food safety standards and overcome the challenges involved. He also talks about what the future holds for the European Contract Packaging Industry. 


The role of contract packers in the food industry