IFS Launches a New Development Tool: The IFS Pathway

IFS has recently introduced the IFS Pathway, a brand-new IFS Tool. This interactive platform offers many valuable technical resources that help companies implement the IFS Requirements and improve continuously. This is how the IFS accompanies companies on their way to the next level of food safety. 

The IFS Pathway is a brand-new IFS Tool offered to support IFS Global Markets assessed companies as they progress to the next level. The Pathway helps them gain the necessary knowledge and skills to enhance their product safety and quality management to achieve full IFS Certification in IFS Standards (Food, PACSecure, HPC and Logistics). The IFS Pathway also assists businesses that are already IFS certified on their way to continuous improvement, or companies directly preparing for their initial certification to an IFS Standard.

"IFS has a continuous commitment to supporting its stakeholders along the supply chain in delivering trusted products. The IFS Pathway is our latest tool. It accompanies companies on their journey towards IFS Certification. IFS and the IFS Pathway Partners guide these companies every step of the way and beyond by providing technical content and practical resources. They will learn to develop, establish, and continuously improve and optimise their products and processes. The IFS Pathway helps them deliver safe products, establish themselves as a trusted trade partner, and grow their business." - Stephan Tromp, IFS Managing Director. 


The IFS Pathway Platform and its contents

Together with a group of international IFS Pathway partners and designated experts, IFS has built an interactive, engaging, and supportive platform offering a wide variety of technical content, supporting references, and practical guidance.  The IFS Pathway partners contributed with their expertise and professional experiences relating to the various IFS Global Markets programs and Standards.

"It has been a privilege to work with this dedicated group of experts, and I am proud of the result. The IFS Pathway is really a unique tool that only IFS offers, and it adds value for the businesses that are assessed to an IFS Standard or Global Markets Program or preparing for it", says Joao Stein, the IFS Pathway manager. 

The platform is free of cost for registered users and embedded in the IFS Academy (IFS learning platform). The IFS Pathway follows  an interactive, and technical oriented approach enabling companies to put together a planning, development, and improvement program tailored to their individual needs. It allows them to individually determine the working method, content, and time frame during different stages of implementation. 


Participants following the IFS Pathway will: 

• Strengthen their technical capabilities and awareness towards resilient product safety and quality management processes 

• Gain a better understanding of the IFS Requirements, their purpose and implementation.

• Learn how the risk-based and non-prescriptive approach of IFS allows custom solutions that fit specific production conditions. 

• Create an adaptable certification plan to progress in the IFS Global Markets programs and finally achieve certification to an IFS standard.

• Profit from having access to supportive resources and practical guidance materials.


The IFS Pathway interactive platform includes:

• IFS Pathway engagement contents

• Supporting steps for the certification plan, providing a logical path towards certification using a structured method combined with several IFS resources, tools, and technical contents

• A technical library which contains various resources such as technical letters or white papers, guidelines, training materials, case studies, and best practices. These resources enhance the professional expertise relating to the IFS Global Markets programs and Standards and contribute to implementing the IFS Requirements according to their intention. 

 IFS and the IFS Pathway Partners will regularly update and expand the content and bring more partners on board. This way, the IFS Pathway will contiunously grow, and its users can make their way to the next level in food safety. 

Interested in becoming part of the IFS Pathway? Contact IFS: pathway@ifs-certification.com