SGS, Transparency-One and Mars Food Launch Revolutionary Supply Chain Solution

Mars Food has launched revolutionary supply chain solution Transparency-One, with SGS and supported by Blippar, to help the company realize its 2020 ambition of sourcing UNCLE BEN’S from sustainable sources. SGS and Transparency-One, the next generation of supply chain transparency solutions, will enable Mars Food to share details of its rice supply chain from farm to fork.

“As Uncle Ben’s we want to connect consumers with our farmers in a credible way,” said Luc Beerens, Global Sustainable Sourcing Director, Mars Food. “SGS with its two technology partners, Transparency-One and Blippar, is delivering that. SGS provides credibility, Transparency-One provides transparency through supply chain mapping and proactive risk management, and Blippar provides engagement through its mobile application, enabling shoppers to scan the Uncle Ben’s pack and get connected with our farmers via augmented reality.”

SGS and Transparency-One

SGS and Transparency-One support the global supply chain industry by helping companies to ensure products are safe and conform to product safety rules and regulations. The system enables companies to discover, analyze and monitor all suppliers, components and facilities in their entire supply chain. It uses real time supply chain data to reduce risk, identify component origins and ensure compliance.

Once a supply chain has been created, each customer, such as Mars Food, can examine all the recorded facilities in their supply chain and ensure individual suppliers are compliant with recognized social auditing and certification schemes. The system also detects non-certified suppliers, alerting customers to potential business risks and triggering remediation plans. In this way, SGS and Transparency-One help to reduce the possibility of food fraud, unsafe food practices and forced labor, while enhancing supply chain efficiency, building customer confidence and helping to improve trust in brands. Visit to learn more.

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