The Importance of Food Safety Training in Your Company

How to Establish a Food Safety Culture

Food safety plays an important role in a food producing company. In order to ensure that the food being produced at your sites is safe, you need to follow food safety measures. A good way to stay compliant with common safety standards and regulations is to establish a food safety culture in your company. But how can you do this?

Everything starts with research

Before you can start training your employees, you need to do some research in order to understand your company's needs. You should ask yourself the following questions:

  • Which guidelines are relevant for us to follow?
  • What certifications form a part of our food supply chain?
  • Do we need external assistance from a food safety consultant or will an online course be sufficient? 

Build up your food safety training team

Every project needs a team and someone to lead it. You should think about training your team leader first to ensure that they are qualified to lead such a group. Formal training, manuals and further materials help to conduct in-house training sessions no matter what the topic is. 

Train employees about food safety standards

You need to make sure that all employees in your company receive the same level of training. You also need to ensure that this is integrated into your company policy so that new employees always receive the same training after they have been hired.

Keep your employees informed

Your food safety project team is not only responsible for training your employees, it is also important that it informs about relevant food safety topics. These can be food safety guidelines or standard protocol measures. Providing food safety signs and posters as reminders of your procedures is a good way to ensure that your employees stick to your food safety measures.

Monitor your food safety measures frequently

Having food safety measures in place is a good first step but it doesn’t help if your employees don‘t follow them. You need to monitor the food safety measures regularly in order to ensure compliance with regulations and standards in your company. 


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