Why Confidential Reporting Is Important

The Coronavirus pandemic poses challenges and risks to the entire food supply chain. On one hand, restricted working conditions have an impact on the productivity in food production plants, on the other hand, demand for food has increased strongly. In order to meet the increased demand, food manufacturers often find themselves forced to manage their production with fewer employees and still maintain productivity levels. The BRCGS states that these operational challenges have led to increased risks to compliance across many areas of operations covering HR, health & safety, environment, fraud and food safety areas.

Despite the changed conditions, it is important that food producers continue to obey guidelines and standards, no matter how unusual the circumstances are. As consumer and customer confidence and trust must remain paramount, the BRCGS explains how confidential reporting can support here. They state that an effective and well-publicized confidential reporting solution can be a key element in managing and mitigating compliance risk and keeping businesses running effectively.

The BRCGS provides more information about confidential reporting on their website.