Webinar: Allergy Management in Food Production

Food allergies are on the rise. As a result, concerned consumers, retailers and government inspectors are more conscious of increasing allergen risks in food production as well as effective allergen communication. This webinar explains how the right weighing solutions and services can help you reduce allergen and labeling error risks. The webinar will also discuss how to optimize communication on allergen risks to consumers.

Webinar topics include:

  • Background to food allergens and intolerance
  • SGS survey on industry challenges, needs and gaps in allergen management and control
  • Traceability, Identification points in raw material handling
  • Post production label control with Vision Inspection
  • Hygienically designed equipment as part of key cleaning principles
  • Retail solutions for clear consumer information
Take in this concise 30 minute webinar over a break, and share with anyone who is involved in food production and risk mitigation.