On-demand Webinar: Better Moisture Determination

This webinar is intended to help you select the best method of moisture analysis, and most appropriate analyzer, for your applications and workflow.

This on-demand webinar covers the different moisture detection techniques available to determine your samples’ moisture content. It discusses various features of halogen moisture analyzers, and some of the benefits they offer, including simple operation, secure and accurate analysis and seamless report integration. It also includes hints and tips for installation, method programming and sample handling, along with recommendations for testing and adjustment. Join the webinar to learn about:

• Correct physical and environmental conditions for installation and operation
• Optimal temperature and termination criteria for your method of analysis
• Appropriate sample handling techniques
• Scheduling and techniques for instrument testing and adjustment
• Features of halogen moisture analyzers
• Differences between halogen moisture analyzers

Duration: 35 minutes
Language: English, Russian

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