Detecting Glass-in-Glass Contamination with X-ray Inspection

This on-demand webinar, Detecting Glass-in-Glass Contamination with X-ray Inspection, explores the risks and solutions available to overcome the damaging effects of glass-in-glass contamination.

Glass containers are one of the most challenging types of packaging to inspect, mainly because the most likely primary contaminant is glass, which is the same material and density as the packaging itself.

With increasingly stringent safety regulations worldwide, it is more important than ever for manufacturers to invest in x-ray systems that offer the most effective product inspection.

This webinar focuses on:

  • Basic principles of x-ray inspection technology
  • How x-ray inspection solutions can overcome the challenges of glass-in-glass detection
  • How to select the right x-ray inspection system for optimum glass-in-glass detection
  • An overview of x-ray beam technology to suit your application

Explore how x-ray inspection can safeguard your products from glass contamination in glass packaging.