Reasons to use X-ray inspection systems

5 Reasons to Use X-ray Inspection Systems

X-ray systems can be used across the complete production line, inspecting incoming goods as well as in-process products and any type of packaged food products, no matter if products are pumped or conveyorized. Download this free eGuide to discover how x-ray inspection systems can provide a number of benefits to your production line, including reducing…

In ready meals production, it is essential to have hygienic work stations.

7 Steps to Cleaning

In ready meals production, it is essential to have hygienic work stations. These are maintained through the use of hygienic equipment and cleaning procedures. Without the proper cleaning procedures, workstations can be the cause of contamination and costly recalls. How can you ensure your cleaning procedures are effective at eliminating contamination? This poster details an…


Cheers To Transparency

What’s In My Beer? In a move to “elevate transparency,” American beer brand Bud Light has announced that beginning in February, it will list beer ingredients and nutritional information on-pack. This will make Bud Light “the first US beer to include comprehensive details for ingredients and serving facts directly on packaging.” Specifically, information listed on the packaging will include:  Ingredients  Serving size  Calories  Total fat,…

Controlling salmonella in your restaurant

Controlling Salmonella In Your Restaurant

According to the CDC in the USA, Salmonella causes far more illnesses than you might suspect. For every person with a Salmonella illness confirmed by a laboratory test, there are about 30 more people with Salmonella illnesses that are not reported. Most people who get food poisoning do not go to a doctor or submit a sample to a laboratory, so we never…

How safe are subscription meal kits

How Safe Are Subscription Meal Kits?

Online shopping is simple and convenient; you can buy products from all over the world – without leaving your own four walls. While you can buy almost everything online, grocery shopping has until recently been an exception. But that has changed now: Subscription meal kits are delivered directly to your home and all you need…


Make Sure Your Food Is Always Fresh

30% of all food produced worldwide occuring along the value-added chain “from farm to fork” is wasted every year. This corresponds to a staggering 1.3 billion tonnes. When it comes to fruit and vegetables, the loss rate is particularly high, amounting to almost 50%. It is critical that this amount is reduced to meet the…