Supply Chain Transparency

What Does Transparency Mean?

Why do we hear the word transparency all over today? Because consumers are looking for more transparent products. They want to know what is in the products they buy. How were they made? Where do they come from? We have heard about food recalls such as baby milk in France or clothes being recalled after…

How to choose the right inspection technology to ensure food safety

Choosing the Right Inspection Technology for Product Safety and Quality Control

Product inspection equipment is commonplace on the majority of food manufacturing lines, but finding the correct solution for your applications isn’t always an easy decision.  The choice between metal detection, x-ray inspection or both technologies requires manufacturers to answer a number of questions before making a decision; these include the type of contaminant and whether…

How to stay compliant with updated regulations

Achieve Food Safety And Compliance With High Performance Weighing And Inspection

Food safety crises are continuing to increase public scrutiny of food producers; consequently, consumers are demanding safer, higher-quality food.  This recently updated Food Regulatory Guide offers guidance in 16 areas where weighing and foreign-body solutions help to stay or become compliant to global food safety standards. The guide will assist with: Selecting a food quality…

Improved Production Yield Through Computer Based Formulation

High Detection Sensitivity and Low Power Options for Tall, Rigid Container Inspection

Tall, rigid containers are used extensively across the food industry; typical segments include beverages, dairy products, condiments, fruit and vegetables, infant foods, meat and ready meals. These products are frequently packaged in metal cans, foil pouches, cartons, composite cans/tubes and glass containers.  Manufacturers are increasingly integrating x-ray inspection systems into their production lines to minimise…


Partnering To Revolutionize Supply Chain Transparency

SGS and Transparency-One are working with Mars Food and Blippar to revolutionize end-to-end supply chain transparency. Mars Food, with its partners, is exploring new ways to map its supply chains end to end and to connect customers with farmers through verified transparency and image recognition. Introducing The Next Frontier of Supply Chain Transparency Reinventing and revolutionizing the…

Comply With Regulatory Requirements

Validation, Verification and Monitoring – Comply With Regulatory Requirements

This White Paper gives guidance on the essential processes of validation, verification, and routine performance monitoring for in-line product inspection equipment. It is primarily aimed at Quality Managers and Production Managers in food manufacturing organizations, although manufacturers in other industries may also find it relevant. The terms validation, verification, and routine performance monitoring are often…